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Impermance is a b

This zine is a spell. I'm grieving and my heart aches, and I'm trying to find ways around it.

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Luna Rio Vol. 1

What is your relationship to creating? What does it give you? What does it take? Tell me about your fire. A comp zine featuring writing and visual art by 20 contributors, curated and edited by Margot Terc.

be yr own punk!

punk is being tender and loving my own. it's knowing i get to do this my way. 

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soft hearts be knowing

My obessesion with flowers will fight my anxiety, thank you v much.

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I know I got me (a very tiny zine).

This it It (I'm Showing Up)

Doing my part, accepting the process, embracing my voice and creative power. 


the sun is coming for us

Reaffirming my agenda to create, and resist through love for myself and my own.

What else is there to say?

Wanting to be still, anxieties/fears, pushing through. 

it grows where i water it

I wanted to reaffirm the idea that my focus and energy will affects the course of everything.


Healing, self-love, interconnectivity. 

get yours

This zine focuses on the power of creating, working with what we have, and supporting our own.

A Wave Has Hit Again

I couldn’t shake the sadness inside of me, I felt lonely, white supremacy was hitting me hard, and I really wanted that wave to pass. 

Work Vibes

Sometimes I need to remind myself that this capitalist ish will have to work for me. If I must work, my labor and skills will contribute to my/our agenda.

The Actual Take Off

I decided that I wanted to like my life more.