I'm a zine-maker, writer, and visual artist obsessed with projects and creative resistance. Born in the Dominican Republic, and raised in the Bronx, I've lived a mango blessed life deep in feels and colors. I use creative projects as a way to process and build, and all of this is me trying to be my own punk.  

I produce zines, edit videos, and make collages that try to get at my feels and never-ending quest to make this work for myself. I am also the founder and editor of the art collective LUNA RIO, and I organize events focused on showcasing and highlighting the voices of people of color, local NYC artists, and LGBTQ folks. 

Much of my work is meant to affirm my agenda of taking care of myself and my own as an act of resistance and love.

I'm also a bit obsessed with branches and paper. Astrology memes are therapy, and walks are my favorite kind of grounding.