THE SUN IS COMING FOR US (read on Issuu) (images)

Reaffirming my agenda to create and resist through love for myself and my own.

THIS IS IT (I'M SHOWING UP) (read on Issuu) (images)

Doing my part, accepting the process, embracing my voice and creative power. 

WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY? (read on Issuu) (images)

Wanting to be still, anxieties/fears, pushing through. 

THE ACTUAL TAKEOFF (read on Issuu) (images)

I decided that I wanted to like my life more.

IT GROWS WHERE I WATER IT  (read on Issuu)  (images)

I wanted to reaffirm the idea that my focus and energy will heavily affect the course of everything.

GET YOURS  (read on Issuu)  (images)

Creative power, making for self and communities.

A WAVE HAS HIT AGAIN (read on Issuu) (images)

I couldn’t shake the sadness inside of me, I felt lonely, white supremacy had me feeling very frustrated, and I really wanted to feel differently.

WORK VIBES  (read on Issuu) (images)

Work as a means to pursue passions and make things happen.

FEELS (read on Issuu) (images)

Interconnectivity, self-love, healing.