This Bronx Zine-Making Event is Highlighting the Borough’s POC & LGBTQ Artists. 

by Yara Simón

“We call it Zinister, because we understand that especially in these political times, creative resistance is very important,” artist Margot Terc, who also helped organized the event, told me. “That’s mainly the motivation, to acknowledge that a lot of healing happens when we create – when we get together to make this happen.”


A Zine Fair for Underrepresented Voices at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance.

By Benjamin Sutton

"On March 16, the Zinister Zine Fair will showcase self-published and printed works made by and for people of color and LGBTQ people."




Monday Fix #106

By Marius Troy

"Get inspired by the wonderful works of artists such as Ren Hang, Lev Ruhkin, Kai Neville and many others in this week’s Monday Fix."