The Dominican Women's Development Center is joining the BAAD! Ass Women Festival in hosting a zine fair in the spirit of creative resistance.  The 17th annual series, happening from March 9th to April 8th, "celebrates the empowerment of women through art, culture, and performance". Our Health Promotion team is organizing ZINISTER, a zine fair focused on qpoc and our resistance. 

The idea for ZINISTER came from wanting to create a space for our local artists and our fight in this political climate. It is about placing our people and ourselves on the forefront, and supporting our cultural workers. The event will include a zine fair, a zine-making station, and an open mic. 


I have been overjoyed at the amount of woc art collectives, zines, and distros that I see on my Tumblr dash and Instagram. Zines like Colectiva Cósmica and The Coalition, and artists such as Stephanie Rodriguez and Christa David are proof of our creativity and magic. Of the great talent and voices present in our woc communities. We are utilizing art mediums to survive and liberate ourselves, and that is radical and incredibly vital. 

This Trump hell has been exhausting, and creativity and community have been more important than ever. Zines are a way in which many of us cope with our lives and realities. And because of their accesability and DIY spirit, they are the perfect medium to turn to in times of collective unrest and political unrest.  ZINISTER wants to celebrate our creativity and resistance, and it aims to create a space where artists and feelers of the Bronx and NYC can connect through their love for our art and our community. 

Our current line-up:

3 Dot Zine
Nicole Acosta
Atlas Magazine
The Coalition
Colectiva Cósmica
Donat de la Cruz
Doula Project
Catherine Feliz
The Felt
Phoebe Glick
Ana Maria Hoffman
Stephon Lawrence
Evans Lyric Hunter
Tammy Lopez
Christa Myers
zines by Neta Zine
Stephanie Rodriguez
Margot Terc
Anna Vila

The fair will take place on March 16, at 6pm, at BAAD! (2474 Westchester Ave). Admission is free, and refreshments will be served. RSVP via Facebook.