One of my big goals for this year was to create and support physical spaces that are intentional, healing, and community driven. The first project of this kind I organized was ZINISTER , a zine fair for/by people of color and lgbtq folks, that was part of BAAD! Bronx's annual BAD ASS! Women Festival and done in conjunction with the Dominican Women's Developmnent Center. Since then I've had the oppourtunity to be part of zine festivals, workshops, and screenings, and thankfully have gotten to witness the power of many woc healing spaces. Getting to be an organizer and curator of a market focused on uptown, poc, and lgbtq artists is truly an honor, and so much of what I want to be doing. Shoutout to my job at the Dominican Women's Development Center for giving us the space to create something all for us. And my girls Ana Maria and Osa for doing this with me <3

On Saturday December 16th, we'll be hosting the Uptown Art Market at DWDC'S Health Promotion Programs on 179th St & Fort Washington. From 5pm - 10pm the space will turn into a market & art fair, that is focused on showcasing work from POC, LGBTQ, and Uptown artists. 

We want to reclaim what the holidays mean to us, and we want to support our local artists and vendors. The market includes 25 artists, 5 food & beverages vendors, 5 spoken word artists, and music by DJ Kay Kay & Uptownvinylsupreme. From zines to jewelry to art prints to natural body products, as well as vintage clothes, empanadas and coquitos, the market will showcase the many ways in which our communities create and build and hustle. 

Last week I got to vendor at Uptownvinylsupreme's Gonbó Holiday Market, and the love was very real. The music party + holiday market was held at Bronx Beer Hall, and folks really pulled through. For me the best part was getting to talk to fellow woc artists, and feel their support and encouragement. There's honestly nothing like community in hyping us up. There were a couple of people I talked to that had me !!!!!! the whole time. And it struck me that we really do appreciate getting to support our own. And as an artist, there's few things as cool as having a fellow brown girl tell me that she can relate to my work. 

I'm so excited for the Uptown Art Market to offer space for uptown, poc, and lgbtq artists to feel the love, and meet other bbs also doing the things. Intentional spaces 4ever! 

Re-Updated Uptown Art Market Flyer.jpg

Uptown Art Market

December 16, 2017 | 5PM - 10PM

715 W 179TH ST Lower Level 




  • Amanda Alcantara
  • Ana Maria Hoffman
  • Barbara Calderon & Sadsirena Shop
  • Buddy Niederhoffer
  • Carlita Lopez
  • Cheebasgoods
  • Colmado Zine
  • Cósmica Colective
  • Coquitos Diaz
  • Daline
  • Gammy Killz Art
  • Homie House Press 
  • Jenoris Caba
  • Jacquiana Jimenez
  • Kasinatorphotos 
  • La Sala Youth
  • Luna Rio
  • Margot Terc
  • Mujeristas Collective
  • Generation Y / Save Uptown
  • Osa La Diosa
  • Sula Collective
  • Uptownbeersociety
  • Las Tapas


  • Amanda Alcantara
  • Donat de la Cruz
  • Edgar Cabrera
  • Lyrical Faith Wallace
  • Osa La Diosa

The market will take place December 16, 2017 from 5 to 10pm at 715 W 179TH ST, NY, NY.